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Matching Fashion’s Finest Talent

Talent of Fashion is a solution oriented marketplace. We’ve eliminated job boards, applications and a flurry of wasted costs associated with hiring fashion talent.

We have also focused our efforts on saving the hiring manager and talent loads of time through our innovative matching technology. TOF delivers focused results to both candidates and hiring managers by only showing real time matches.

Stop Applying, Stop Posting and Start Hiring Today.

Team TOF

Jonny Tucker


I have personally experienced the pain points of hiring talent for businesses and have heard all the time from the candidates about the challenges they faced landing the jobs that they wanted. One of the most important things about hiring is not just filling a position but making sure there is a fit on both sides. We intake the information on both sides and make the match upfront so there is no time wasted and the hire is more meaningful long term.

Jonny Tucker is the Co-Founder of TOF, leading the business strategy and brand partnerships. He has spent the last 10 years growing through the ranks of management in fashion retail. His ability to develop and implement strategy has allowed him to work closely with presidents, CEOs, and The Founders of the businesses he was managing, creating many strong relationships that he holds to this day. His instinct and innovative mindset also afforded him the opportunity to work with the creative directors and CMOs closely to roll out rebranding or new in-store experiences for the brands. Jonny most recently held a director position where he was the head of stores for Helmut Lang during a rebranding and rebuilding phase.

Joe Roberts


The entire process for hiring talent is broken, expensive and lacks intuitive technology. Agency fees, job boards, and bloated applicant tracking systems are no longer productive or financially responsible for fashion brands. Posting jobs was fine 10 years ago – however the technology is now here to find your match immediately. We have set out to build the first true talent matching tool specifically for the fashion marketplace and we believe you will see the benefits right away.

Joe Roberts is the Co-Founder of TOF, where with Jonny he developed the initial idea and leads the company vision. He has spent the last 12 years building businesses in both fashion and hospitality industries. Joe was previously the Head of Talent for Theory and Helmut Lang, where he led recruitment initiatives for both brands. Prior to that, Joe worked with James Perse in building out his retail concept and creating the hiring optics for the brand.

Chelsea Parrott

Business Development

Through the last 10 years of leading stores, opening new ones, and being deeply involved in the retail community, I’ve watched the market change significantly. Hiring isn’t as easy as it used to be and for the candidate, neither is finding that perfect dream job in retail anymore. Talent of Fashion is here to fix the problem, eliminating the gray areas of hiring through transparency for both the brand and the talent. Your time is valuable and we know you’ll find value in this tool.

Chelsea Parrott has held various retail management titles over the last 10 years. Her knack for leading teams to success through development and striving for customer satisfaction has allowed her to grow quickly in the retail world. Working with brands like Topshop, Reformation, and most recently Frame, she’s been able to partner with their leaders and have a huge part in expansion including hiring new teams and developing existing locations. Her large network in retail led her to Joe Roberts and Jonny Tucker. Together they were able to hone in on Chelsea’s strong customer service and recruitment passion, and ultimately brought her onto the TOF team where she now oversees recruitment and brand development.

Raj Sanghvi


As a technologist, my current focus includes working on machine learning for building next-generation disruptive digital products. The talent marketplace is in desperate need for clarity, focus and specialized verticles.

Raj is a CTO and a technologist with 15 years of progressive experience in building complex technology solutions for companies such as IBM, Sony, Nissan, HD Supply and more.

Matching Fashion’s Finest Talent.

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