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Finally a new approach to recruiting.

Introducing Talent of Fashion. A technology solution focused on solving hiring problems specifically for the fashion industry. We saw a huge gap in what other networking sites delivered and what retail leaders truly desired. Leaders today want rich content, like video resumes, portfolios, mobility awareness and upfront references. They want to understand specific skill-sets and know they are spending time on candidates who truly are inspired by the brand.

Talent of Fashion believes agencies and job boards are a thing of the past. We believe the talent marketplace just needed to be reorganized in a useful way that feels like home to the retail community. We have unlocked specific retail markets that you will not find on popular job networking sites. We will also deliver video resumes and access to candidates who have already preselected you as a top interest. We will reduce your time to fill by 80%. Why spend up to $2,000 to post a position only to wait 2 weeks for candidates to apply? We believe in matching talent to specific brands in an organized and efficient way. We also take care of the references, interview scheduling and compensation needs up front making it a very seamless and efficient HR process.

Stop Posting and Start Hiring Today.

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* To enjoy all of the benefits of Talent of Fashion please be sure to join now for early access. We are giving special perks to brand partners that join now until February 1st. Please refer to the  FAQ for more details.

Simplicity of an app.
The First Fashion Talent Marketplace.

With a Tof, it’s easy to know how much money you have, but you usually don’t get cash back.

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With Zero, there’s a checking account, a credit card, and an app that combines them to provide an experience comparable to a cash back debit card.

Reduce Hiring Expenses
The days of hiring agencies or posting positions on expensive job boards are over. With ToF our technology matches talent to only the brands they are interested in. We also give you compensation details and references up front making the process much more efficient. Talent of Fashion also offers headshots, 60 second videos and relocation details for every candidate. We are committed to giving you the most efficient tool ever created for hiring fashion talent.
Reduce Time To Fill
Why spend up to $2,000 dollars to post a position only to wait two weeks to interview candidates. With ToF you can get access to candidates that have preselected you and the locations they are interested in as well as see compensation and references. We answer most of the questions up front - so why post and then do all the leg work?

More Specific. More Rewarding.

With ToF you will unlock many of the pain points associated with other networking and job board sites. We focused this solution on providing relief to certain locations and complexities surrounding hiring in fashion. We believe that a focused tool will give you more efficient results and a product you will love.

Regional Director

The highest level Zerocard, Carbon earns an industry-leading 3.0% cash back. Requires referring 4 friends to become Zero customers or $100,000 in annual spending to qualify.*

District Manager

The second-highest level Zerocard, Magnesium earns 2.0% cash back. Requires referring 2 friends to become Zero customers or $50,000 in annual spending to qualify.*

Store Management

One step up from the entry-level Zerocard, Graphite earns 1.5% cash back. Requires referring 1 friend to become a Zero customer or $25,000 in annual spending to qualify.*


The entry-level Zerocard, Quartz earns 1.0% cash back, still a game-changing rewards rate for a product that works with a Debit-style Experience.

* To earn the full cash back rate advertised, you must ensure that your statement balance is paid in full, on time, from your Zero Checking account each month. Enabling the Debit-style Experience in the Zero app helps ensure that this happens so you can maximize rewards. In order to level up through referrals, your friend must apply and get approved for a Zerocard, conduct 2 qualifying purchases and set-up 2 qualifying direct deposit, no less than 30 days apart to their Zero Checking account.

More money in your pocket

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To see your cash back rewards potential with Zero, enter your average monthly spending and average monthly checking account balance (when you use a debit card for your spending). You can change Zerocard levels to see the impact on your rewards potential.*

In your pocket


more per year with Talent of Fashion

  • Carbon
  • Magnesium
  • Graphite
  • Quartz

*Simulations include rewards competitive with high-yield checking account rates (if you have a Zero Checking account and Zerocard level of Graphite or higher). Actual rewards subject to terms and conditions outlined in the Zerocard Agreement. See FAQ for more details.

More money in your pocket

Agency Fees?Never

Fees that Zero doesn’t charge:

Overdraft Fees
Maintenance Fees
Bill Pay Fees
Inactivity Fees
Foreign Currency Fees
Annual Fees
Add-on ATM Fees
We’ve got your back.
Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by an FDIC-member partner bank. And you have the security of Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection.
Share the love, get rewarded.
Unlock a higher Zerocard level and increase the cash back you earn with qualified referrals. You’ll not only earn more cash back, but receive a metal card at the Magnesium and Carbon levels.

Upgrade your talent. 
Simplify your recruiting process.

Recruiting with zero compromises.
Zero is built for the way people live, spend, and save. Zerocard is usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You don’t pay any ATM fees beyond what the ATM owner may charge, and at the Carbon level, all ATM fees including what the ATM owner may charge are refunded.
Simply rewarding.
No more worrying about rotating categories or minimum redemption amounts. Redeem whatever amount you’ve earned, whenever you like.
See FAQ to learn more

In the Press

Moda Operandi

“Credit card purchase rewards are nice—if you don’t incur fees. That’s where financial startup Zero sees an opportunity. Zero is developing an app and a card that behaves like a debit card but earns credit card rewards."

Stella McCartney

“Shiny start-ups that focus on everyday finance are everywhere these days, but Zero Financial is one I’ll be watching closely."


“Because Zerocard processes on credit card networks, it makes it easier to pay customers a consistent cash back rate between one and three percent, for all purchases."


We’re a team of technologists with deep recruitment expertise, backed by some of the world’s best brands.

Matching Fashion’s Finest Talent.

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